Company profile

We provide complex accounting, human resources, and payroll services.

When you entrust the Ergis-Management Accounting Office with: 
accounting books (including: preparing statements, maintaining records), 
human resources and payroll (including: preparing payrolls, documents for the Polish Social Insurance Authority (ZUS), National Labour Inspectorate (PIP), Tax Office),
reporting (Polish Social Insurance Authority (ZUS), Central Statistics Office (GUS), Tax Office), documentation of international trade (VAT)
and when you use our experience in documenting transactions with related entities, you can be confident of lawful company operations, and you can count on our support, assistance and consulting.

We provide services to an international capital group, as well as German and Polish commercial companies. We employ experts competent in various fields, which allows us to provide complex services to our clients. We are reliable and accountable. We manage, support, and advise.

You take care of the business, we take care of the rest!